a.  Literary Works
              - Books (includes manuscripts, pamphlets, etc.)
              - Periodicals (newspapers, magazines, etc.)
              - Scripts prepared for oral delivery
              - Compilations (telephone directories, tabulations of data)
              - Collective works (encyclopedias, collections of photos or maps)
              - Computer programs

      b.  Musical Works
              - Works expressed in visible notation, with or without words, having rhythm
                 with harmony and/or melody (e.g. songs, hymns, anthems, sheet music, etc.)

      c.  Dramatic Works
              - Dramas and drama music compositions (plays, operas, screenplays, etc.)

      d.  Choreographic Works
              - More than a social dance, needs to be expressive in nature (i.e., pantomine,
                 expressive dance, etc.)

      e.  Pictorial, Graphic and Sculptural Works
              - Maps, globes, atlases, topographic maps
              - Works of art (paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc.)
              - Reproductions of works of art
              - Drawings and models of a scientific or technical nature (mechanical
                drawings, architect drawings, anatomical models, etc.)
              - Photographs (including negatives, slides and prints)
              - Prints and Pictorial Illustrations ( greeting cards, postcards, fabric,
              - Prints and labels for articles of merchandise

      f.   Audiovisual Works
              Works intended to be shown or viewed by the use of a machine or device
               (such as motion pictures, newsreels, promotional or training films, television
                programs and videotaped works)

      g.  Sound Recordings
              Works from a fixation of a series of musical, spoken or other sounds, but not
              sounds accompanying a motion picture or other audiovisual work (i.e., tape
              recordings, records, CDs, player piano rolls)